Mom Style

What do all Moms have in common?

They are busy, stressed out, and having a hard time remembering who they were before they became moms. It’s easy to hear a mom compare her former self to her current reality and say things like this:

“I used to take time and wear makeup before leaving the house. Now I’m lucky if I take a shower.”

“I used to have time to browse stores. Now I pray I run into what I need at one store.”

“I used to make my clothes a priority. Now my kids have priority over clothes.”

“I used to know what worked on my body. Now I don’t have a clue.”

While it would be easy to give up on fashion and style, I encourage you not to. Everyone benefits when you feel great about yourself. When you are dressed in a little something more than yoga clothes, it can make you feel more in control of your life. Looking put together on the outside can help you feel organized on the inside.


Even though you might think there’s no time for style, I’d like you to consider some of these tips.

1. Be comfortable but don’t use “comfort” as a copout for sloppy, no-expression clothes. A T-shirt, a belt and a pair of rolled up jeans are just as comfortable as yoga pants and a hoodie, yet more intentional and put together.

2. Put some lipstick, lip-gloss or mascara on even if you don’t have time for anything more than that. It will help you feel more refreshed. If you have time, add another product, like a mineral based foundation that will give you a glow even if you’re not feeling it.

3. Wear clothes that fit you properly. Too tight or too baggy are two faces of the same problem. Good fit, even if you’re not the weight you’d like to be, makes you look thinner, brighter, and happier.

4. Your kids are dressed adorably. Let yourself have the same privileges as they do. Wear something each day that you find adorable or exotic or beautiful, whatever you are drawn to. Maybe it's a ring, a color, a shoe style, or a necklace. Just make sure you’re wearing something that pleases you.

5. No-iron fabrics could be a good choice for you. Also, fabrics that already have crinkles embedded in them are great choices. If you want to be cool in hot days, consider linen only if you can agree to not fret over the wrinkles. Linen is supposed to wrinkle.

6. Prints are great for not showing spills or stains. Pick an all over print in a paisley, a plaid or a floral. They’re fun, attractive, and will disguise messes.

7. The current trend of wearing high-low fashion means you can find fashionable looks at minimal prices. See if you can find that one item that when you put it on, it transforms your mood and your look. It might be a leather jacket, a trench coat in a bright color, jeans in your favorite color, or a super cute pair of wedged sandals. Think of this item as a personality piece, not a basic. When you get time away from the kids this item could be your transition into life around adults. Something new to wear can really lift your spirits.

When you take time to care for yourself—even if it’s something small—be prepared to hear these sweet words from your young ones: “Mom, you look great!”

There is no one more deserving of the ease that comes from feeling good about oneself than moms. I’d love to help.

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