You may think it's easy to make changes for yourself, but it's not. If it were, you'd have done it by now. It takes knowledge, time, and action. Having a Certified Image Master who understands business and has been in practice for 20 years is key. Marion Gellatly will educate, guide, and encourage you every step of the way.

What you wear on your body and how you wear it is part of your personal brand and reflects on your business. Developing your Style and choosing your clothing is just as important as choosing your logo or website heading. Marion's years of experience in the corporate world and in helping business owners is invaluable in helping you build an effective wardrobe and image.

If you want to feel uplifted and excited about wearing clothes again and want to show up confidently in your personal and professional life, we're here to guide you through our workshops or private consulting packages.

Our recommendations are simple and direct, customized specifically for you, always delivered with consideration. We are always encouraging as you take steps to be happy every time you look in the mirror.

Our consulting services, educational workshops, and recommendations are based on your needs and goals. There is no cookie-cutter approach when working with Powerful Presence. Please review the Style Advice page of this website to learn more.

We recommend an exploratory call where you'll meet Marion and have a chance to ask your most pressing questions about working with her. She'll also have a chance to learn about you. If you're considering one-on-one consulting, looking for a speaker/trainer for your company’s conference or in-house training, Marion will ask about the specific challenges that you’re facing and the goal you’re striving for. And, if you decide to work together, Marion will develop a specific plan for your approval.

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Wear clothing that conveys your seriousness about your position and business. For example, a jacket with a collar/lapel, darker colors, firm fabrics, smaller geometric patterns, fitted garments, refined quality, angular shapes, strong dark/light contrast are all ways to convey a persuasive, credible, stable, and strong message.

In addition have confident posture, and use eye contact and a firm handshake to support you.

Learn more about choosing a wardrobe and image that will give you confidence that brings compliments in any situation.

Wearing clothing that conveys a friendly yet influential message is important. Use your eye color in your wardrobe because it is a believable, becoming, approachable, and subdued. If you have colored eyes, it is your most effective communication color. If you have neutral eyes, the color can be used much like your hair-related color. In apparel, these colors are gentle, approachable and are excellent for eye contact and good for communication. Use your eye color to frame the face with jackets, tops, blouses, sweaters, jewelry, scarves, ties, and eye glass frames.

In addition, wear a smile on your face freely. Be willing to extend your hand and introduce yourself first.

Learn more about choosing a wardrobe and image that will give you confidence that brings compliments in any situation.

You have to take into account your accepted industry standard as well as the demographic of where you conduct business. Think about your client and what you imagine they will expect of you. If they’re a long-standing client and you have a mutually-respected relationship, then it’s fine to dress more casually. If they’re a new or prospective client, dress at a level that shows your respect for them and their business. A jacket would be a minimum. You can always remove your jacket and roll up your shirts sleeves because it’s always better to be overdressed than find yourself underdressed for the situation.

Learn more about choosing a wardrobe and image that will give you confidence that brings compliments in any situation.

Absolutely not, and especially when you’re dealing with finances -- typically the most conservative business arena. If you’re handling a client’s money, making recommendations, and needing to influence to your way of thinking, a suit sends a message of respect and a seriousness about business. In some geographic areas, a jacket and slacks or skirt would be fine too.

Learn more about choosing a wardrobe and image that will give you confidence that brings compliments in any situation.

Any color you consider for your wardrobe must look fabulous on YOU. Don’t get caught up in the current color trend. Does the color work with your hair, eyes and skin tone? We suggest having a customized color palette created for you. This tool will guide you in making wise color choices so you’re able to enjoy a wardrobe that coordinates effectively. This saves you money in the long run. Learn more about this service.

Paying attention to your body language while observing the body language of those you’re meeting is very telling. It’s a powerful communicator. Is the person looking at you or out the window? Are they nodding as understanding or are their eyes glazed over? Are they fidgeting and does their body language show a nervous twitch. Are they smiling or frowning? How about you? Don’t ignore negative messages. It’s an opportunity to question more about why. Remember that what you say silently sometimes makes a bigger statement of who you really are and how you’re feeling.

Head and shoulders upright, back erect, eyes that make contact, a smile on your face, a fast- paced stride all demonstrate confidence. Don’t underestimate this powerful communication.

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