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Oct 28, 2017
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Pebble Beach, CA

On October 28, 2017 come join Marion Gellatly for a full day, interactive workshop that teaches you about YOU and moves you out of your comfort zone and into your confidence zone. Plus receive one hour of private consulting with Marion for up to one year after the program so you take action and propel your style to the next level.
Price: $457
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On Demand at Your Convenience

Do you stress about getting dressed? If so, come join Marion Gellatly, your personal stylist, for this 6-module self-paced course including private coaching time. She will guide you through the most effective strategies to transform your Style into something you love for your speaking engagements, networking events, or meeting prospective clients…all from the comfort of your home, at your convenience, and within your schedule…
Price: $597
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This is the complete Style revitalization and transformation package. Marion, as your certified Image Master, will be at your side guiding you from start to finish. This package covers two fashion seasons within twelve months to support your progress.
Price: $3000
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This package includes a total of 5 hours that can be allocated in any combination of services to meet your needs. You and Marion will discuss what you’d like to improve, and she will recommend a plan to get to your goal.
Price: $835
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This package gives you the foundational knowledge to understand and develop a wardrobe that flatters your coloring and your body silhouette, and guides you in the selection of your best accessories. And, you'll learn how to assess your existing wardrobe for fit, flattery, and visual impression.
Price: $1050
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Do you know what your visual appearance is saying about you?

Do you understand what your non-verbal communication says to clients, prospects and friends?

Does your image enhance your competitive advantage or detract from it?
If you are unsure about the answer to any of these questions, it’s time to find out from a certified image master what First Impression you’re making in the initial 7 seconds of meeting others.
Price: $197
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During your private session, Marion will design a unique palette of colors based on your personal coloring that will be your tool for color selection for many years to come...color for your wardrobe, makeup, hair color, and accessories.
Price: $650
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No matter your age or stage of life, this evaluation is custom-designed for you! Taking measurements of your body and face, you will receive the resulting garment and accessory recommendations that are best for your body proportions.
Price: $300
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Virtual Style School Extended Pass - 4 Month Extension. Continue to be a part of the Virtual Style School Alumni with an Extended Access Pass.
Price: $97
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Get an hourly consultation with Marion Gellatly. You can purchase this consultation for yourself or as a gift for someone else and may purchase the number of hours you wish.
Price: $195
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Marion is a passionate top image expert, who along with 19 of her colleagues, brings hundreds of insights that will instantly update and enhance your…
Price: $12
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