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Virtual Style School

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Price: $597

Discover Online How to Be the Best Version of YOU!

Are you dressing in alignment with your best self, or are you still struggling with your style and wardrobe?  Does getting dressed for a speaking engagement, a networking event, or meeting a prospective client for the first time stress you out?  If you aren't leading with a memorable presence, then attracting your ideal clients will be difficult.

So, let me ask you …

Do you ever struggle to get noticed?

Have you ever felt like you are invisible?

Would you like to stand out, but don’t know where to begin?

Would you like to make a greater impact, increase your connections, and know how you can get started?

If you answered "Yes" to even one of these questions, now's the time to kick start your presence with Marion Gellatly as your personal stylist. Join her for Virtual Style School... a valuable, multi-module online course that will begin your style transformation…right from the comfort of your home, and within your busy schedule.

With Marion's guidance in this course, you'll:

  • Create your style vision, and move toward it by creating your unique style recipe
  • Learn how to select your best styles and colors and be in control of future purchasing decisions
  • Coordinate clusters of clothes that save money and provide flexibility, and learn Marion's successful shopping strategies
  • Identify the elements that guide you in choosing your perfect accessories
  • Gain style confidence and say goodbye to bad choices forever
  • Finally get the support you need to authentically express the woman you're becoming
  • Put a smile on your face when you look in the mirror
  • Have private coaching time with Marion to achieve a Signature Style that finally says, "This is Me!"

During this self-paced course AND through private coaching with Marion, you'll have the opportunity to get your questions answered, ask for advice and achieve your goals. Together we will transform your style world!

Isn't it time for confidence and an image that brings you connections, trust, and influence? What are you waiting for? Get started now!  For more details.


What a great experience. The course opened my eyes and helped me look at my wardrobe and style more objectively - as others see me. I highly recommend it.

- Jessica Underberg
Erie Co. Fair Manager, New York


I quickly saw how my personal brand - what I wear on my body—reflects on my business. Marion's experience in helping business owners like me has been invaluable in building my personal wardrobe. Every business owner needs Marion's expertise and services.

- Julie Foucht, President
KickAss Biz Coaching, California


High value content and high quality materials. Marion's expertise teaches you more than you know about Style and Image. Virtual Style School gets high marks from me and I will recommend it to my clients.

- Mary Jeanne Vincent
Career Strategist, California


From the long-ago days when I was a teenager looking at magazine "fashion don'ts," I've always known I wanted to be a "fashion do." What I didn't have were the tools to make that happen.

While going through Virtual Style School, I learned about style recipes and how to build a wardrobe that looks stylish and put-together rather than a hodgepodge of items that "looked so cute" when I bought them, but didn't quite go together.

Using carefully selected photographs to accompany each step of the journey, Marion shows us why we shouldn’t choose the dress with the wide horizontal stripe across the hips and what would be a more flattering choice for each of us.

This is truly a million dollar course that all women should treat themselves to.

- Jan Austin
Writer and Pet Sitter