From Outdated Closet to Inspired Style Consultation

Price: $835

This package includes a total of 5 hours that can be allocated in any combination of services to meet your needs. You and Marion will discuss what you’d like to improve, and she will recommend a plan to get to your goal.

  • Marion recommends beginning with a 1-hour session with her to develop your “Style Recipe.”
  • Then, you may want a 2-hour In-Your-Closet session that follows your initial meeting to see your wardrobe with a fresh eye. Marion will demonstrate how to incorporate garments and accessories to fit your “Style Recipe” and will also assess your wardrobe for fit, flattery, and color.
  • She will develop a Personalized Action Plan for your future purchases.
  • Finally, a Personal Shopping excursion is recommended to teach you how to use your new knowledge to implement your wardrobe and style plan.

Marion Gellatly is available for consultations on the Monterey Peninsula of California and wherever she travels.