Style Advice

Imagine having access to your own personal stylist and a Certified Image Master, one of only eleven in the world--who understands the sensitive image issues and challenges you face. Marion has worked with men and women, just like you, for more than 20 years. She successfully guides and encourages her clients to achieve their goals of loving what they see in the mirror and doing it with confidence by:


  • Knowing how to build a wardrobe and fine tune a style that can change and evolve with you to support your lifestyle and match your inner essence to your outer expression
  • Knowing how to select a wardrobe that flatters your personal coloring and body proportions
  • Discovering the powerful secrets of your best colors and knowing how to choose the design elements of garments that strengthen or soften your message
  • Weeding out the weak pieces in your closet so your focus is narrowed to what works
  • Understanding how to build a mix-and-match wardrobe to save money and time
  • Knowing how to shop to keep current, modern and vital
  • Receiving feedback on existing wardrobe items-what's working and what's not-including proper fit
  • Avoiding "analysis paralysis" when shopping for work or special events


To achieve these goals, you need an expert by your side, applying a lifetime of knowledge and experience to your current wardrobe, colors, styling, etiquette, manners and behavior-- the most personal elements of your personal power. Although Marion tailors every service to fit your needs, click below to learn more about the kinds of sessions that have solved these problems for many clients. And, she will offer you several options to fit your budget.


Personal Consultations

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