Success Stories

Marion Gellatly helps people of different backgrounds, professions, lifestyles, and ages find their best authentic image and style. Here are some success stories from a sampling of Marion’s clients – both individuals and companies – told in their own voices. They reveal the goal of the Powerful Presence mission to foster Image Awareness, Individual Improvement, and Personal Power.

Take a look at some clients before and after.


Thank you Marion for a fabulous and energetic seminar yesterday, "Style School Live". I learned so much. And have a completely different perspective as to my style, and what that style is. It was a very inspiring day- thank you for creating an environment that makes it so easy and enjoyable to learn. Come on closet- we are going to be friends now!

- Jamie Kitz
Sales Executive

It is time to stop this morning and send the note I’ve been sending you in my head for months. Thank you so much! Every time I go to the closet to get dressed it gets easier and easier. Well, until the weather changes and then we will need to do another shopping trip. I’ve worn everything I’ve purchased with great delight. The Eileen Fisher scarf that I've never paid that much for on my own, is a staple. Each piece and the education of color and fit has been a welcome sense of relief to the art of presenting myself to the world daily. I just want you to know that I send you a warm hug and thanks almost daily. Looking forward to doing it again -

- Sara Bronson

Marion taught me how to dress the part, blend accordingly with the professional landscape, and yet never lose the essence of myself. Now I make the right statement when walking into a room. I am able to dress for any occasion and feel confident and comfortable. My role constantly changes; I have to easily switch from being in the field to being at the boardroom table, move from lunch receptions to cocktail receptions . . . and dress for all occasions. Marion has created within me a powerful presence and a calm confidence.

- Sarah Cruse
General Manager

Working with Marion Gellatly on my wardrobe and image has made a huge difference in my life. Marion's years of expertise, her wonderful eye for color and style, and her warm personality helped me become a different woman. Now that I know what styles, colors and fit are best for me, and just as importantly which to avoid, I am shopping much more effortlessly and loving what I'm wearing. And when I get stymied or unsure, Marion is available for questions as I continue on this journey of changes. I'm feeling younger and prettier than I have in many, many years.

- Susan Nunez
Sales Executive

When I left the professional tennis circuit to give private lessons, I noticed how smoothly my executive clients communicated what they wanted and how they wanted it done. I decided that if I wanted to be a successful coach, I needed to improve my own communication style, and I found Marion Gellatly. We worked over a period of six months and I credit her with giving me more confidence in business and social situations, and I use much of what she taught me, such as the importance of asking questions when talking to a potential client to gather as much information as possible. That approach helped me tailor lessons to my clients, which improved their experience with me and fostered more referrals.

- Michael Jessup
Professional Tennis Coach

I wish I had worked with Marion Gellatly years ago...she would have saved me thousands of dollars in fashion mistakes. I strongly believe that I would have closed even more sales with the valuable information she shared with me that goes way beyond my attire, encompassing more subtle strategies that are also great marketing tools. Her passion for helping others, her extensive knowledge, and her overall talent make her an important part of becoming successful!

- Wendy Brickman, Owner
Brickman Marketing

Marion understands and has a vision for what looks best on you. She picked out items for me that I would never have looked at had I been shopping on my own. She has shown me how to work with colors and accessories and every item in my wardrobe now mixes and matches. Marion also guided me on where to focus my spending. She explained which key pieces are investments and worth spending more money on and which items are not.

I now have a wonderful wardrobe that suits my lifestyle, my personality and my 'style recipe'. I receive compliments about how professional and put-together my outfits look!

The icing on the cake is that I have made a great friend. Marion is warm and kind. She has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and she approaches everything with grace and poise. Marion, you are a treasure, thank you!

- Christy Hill, CPA
Tax Manager

Marion helped me feel so much more satisfied with the way I look and dress, has given me many unexpected 'pearls,' and brought so much FUN to the process!

I kept buying the same things over and over; I had a closet full of clothes with not much to wear and didn't know what the problem was. Marion helped me get my colors right for the current me, and to understand what looks good on me now versus my 30 year-old body, in a kind and tactful manner. She also helped me identify the problems in my closet and eliminate them, including my own 'muffin top,' without losing any weight. The most important thing of all was helping me develop a style recipe - this has been the Holy Grail for me. Without it I never really understood what to buy that would ultimately make me happy in my own clothes.

- Carol Young
Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner



Marion Gellatly spent time preparing for our employee image workshop (“How to Communicate a Brand Image that Communicates Success”) and developed a tailored presentation, specific to our company and industry. She did not use an off-the-shelf generic presentation. She gathered information about our employees’ jobs, learned the types of attire that is expected for our industry, and showed specific examples of fabric choices, fabric colors, fit and tailoring, and clothing styles that would help our employees communicate their best image. Marion was very honest, yet tactful, in dealing with discussion points such as grooming. After the presentation, Marion remained to help individuals who wanted to ask her questions in private. Many of us now subscribe to Marion’s “Ignite your Style” monthly style tips. And, I’ve noticed that several employees are now wearing clothes that have a better fit, clothes that are more appropriate for work, and clothes that present a better more confident, polished image.

- Sheila Tansill, CFO and Human Resources Manager
Axiom Engineers

Marion's program, 'The Power of Your Presence - Strategies for Leadership and Professional Success,' hit the mark. Participants loved the interactive nature of the program, especially the before and after photos of Marion's real life clients and the table top discussions about what works, what doesn't, and why.

We received comments from Corporate Officers like:
'Was very informative and interesting . . . applied to EVERYONE.'
'The topics were relevant and addressed much more than merely appearance - the idea of presenting your executive presence as a whole in representing the face of your company was key!'

- Barbara Groeger, VP Administration
Mary Lou Paulk, President
Fidelity National Title Agency

Working with Marion was a wonderful experience. Her willingness to get to know our business and design presentations that met client needs is a testament to her professionalism. Marion provided our clients with practical tools and valuable insights regarding non-verbal cues and appearance that they could immediately apply to their personal and professional life.

- Debbie Hyner, VP of Broker Marketing
AIG- Sun America

Our organization has found great value in having Marion conduct workshops for our employees to better understand how their image affects their career. Marion took the time to learn about our different business units and tailor her presentations to fit each of our groups' needs. Marion's credentials and background in Image Consulting were exactly what we were looking for! I would highly recommend the consulting work that we received from Marion. She was not only very knowledgeable in the field but also an absolute pleasure to work with.

- Nicholas Jones, Internal Sales Manager
Principal Funds

Our membership deals with such a diverse clientele that the value of image development was immediately recognized as an educational session for our annual conference. Using superior presentation skills and a keen sense of humor, Marion was able to actively engage our membership and effectively convey practical and useful information without the slightest offense.

- Joel Cowley, Education Committee Chair
North American Livestock Show & Rodeo Managers Association

Marion Gellatly, of Powerful Presence, recently conducted a color workshop for my dental office team. As an employer, I was looking to polish our professional image at the workplace and Marion surpassed my expectations. We can now confidently order team uniforms to best highlight each member and outside of the office the ladies can save money and look their best. Each one has told me how much more confident they are when shopping for clothing, jewelry and makeup that accentuate their individual features. I highly recommend Marion Gellatly's expertise as an investment in your business and your professional image.

- Jeanette M. Kern, D.D.S.
Cosmetic and General Dentistry

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